JOOX 12 Months

JOOX 12 Months
Scan the barcode below at cashier and pay

JOOX is your personal music app that gives you a massive music library for free! On JOOX, you can listen to any radio station on demand, search top charts quickly, shuffle recommended songs, create your favorite song list, and enjoy many other stellar services. JOOX is a good start for your music journey!

Follow below steps to redeem JOOX VIP service:
1. Download JOOX
2. Select ‘My Music’
3. Click on Profile Picture
4. Select ’JOOX VIP’ and enter redeem code in ’Promo Code’ field
6. Click ‘OK’

Value stated is for reference only and price in 7-Eleven shall prevail.

No return or refund.

Terms and Conditions please refer to the receipt.
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Please keep both receipts of transaction details and pin for later possible enquiry.